Our Story

The agave plant is an important part of our mission at Agave Dental. The agave plant has long been referred to as the “Century Plant” because of its unique life cycle. Unlike most perennials that live for one or two years and then bloom and die, the agave lives and looks great for decades. Our mission is to provide each one of our patients with the same — healthy lives and beautiful smiles for decades!

century plant

As the leaves of an agave plant form in the center of the rosette, they are tightly bound together, and as each new leaf separates, a distinct impression of its shape and teeth can be seen on the leaf preparing to emerge beneath it. It is our goal at Agave Dental to leave an indelible impression of our commitment to smile esthetics and wellness on every single person whom we have the privilege to work with and serve.

More than 200 unique species of agave exist, and, believe it or not, one of their unique features is their teeth! The leading edges of most leaves have rows of very colorful and sharp teeth, which function as a protective adaptation to discourage animals from eating them. At Agave Dental, we know that each one of our patients is a unique and wonderful individual, and we are dedicated to working with you one-on-one to give you the best possible care to keep your teeth healthy and functional to last a lifetime.

Our Committment to Your Health

We can’t possibly say it enough – Agave Dental is deeply committed to your health. We demonstrate that commitment in a number of ways, even through the services we offer. For instance, we use only digital x-rays in our Phoenix dental office, significantly reducing the amount of radiation you are exposed to.

We also perform a thorough oral cancer screening at every visit to keep you safe from this dangerous disease. We also understand how common dental anxiety is, and we offer sedation dentistry to our patients who need a little extra help relaxing. If you have been putting off getting the care you need, call today to learn more about this option.

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