Porcelain Crowns in Phoenix, AZ

Crowns, which are sometimes referred to as “caps,” are an effective and esthetic way of repairing teeth that have been damaged by decay or trauma. They can also provide support to a tooth that has been structurally weakened by root canal therapy or as part of a dental implant to completely replace a tooth.

While crowns have been in use for a long time, recent advances in dental technology now allow us to create crowns that are completely natural looking and lifelike. Once the crown has been placed, even you might have difficulty telling which is the crown and which is your own tooth.

Learn more about porcelain dental crowns at Agave Dental in Phoenix. Watch the video below and hear about Joy’s full mouth reconstruction. New crowns are apart of her new smile. Her white and brighter teeth give Joy a more youthful appearance and have changed her life.

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A Range of Materials to Meet All Needs

At Agave Dental, we know that dentistry should never be “one size fits all.” Different people have different needs, different lifestyles, and different priorities. If you have a tooth that is damaged or needs some extra support and we believe a crown is the right option for you, we’ll sit down with you and discuss your needs and your goals to find the style of crown that is right for you.

Crowns are available in metal, ceramic-fused-to-metal, zirconium, and all-porcelain. Zirconium and all-porcelain are the most lifelike and esthetic crowns. Metal and ceramic-fused-to-metal crowns, however, may be appropriate for teeth that are subjected to more chewing force. Which crown will work best for you will depend greatly on which tooth is being repaired and your own personal lifestyle.

Esthetic All-Porcelain Crowns

When you have a tooth that is structurally sound but isn’t looking its best, an all-porcelain crown can restore the tooth to its former beauty to give you a complete, functional, and attractive smile.

While crowns are not as conservative a repair as some of the other cosmetic options we offer, they are quite durable and, with proper care, may last a lifetime, eliminating the need for future repairs.

If you’d like to have a tooth repaired or replaced with a cosmetic all-porcelain crown, call our Phoenix, AZ dental office today to schedule a consultation with one of our talented dentists to discuss which options are right for you.

Quick and Convenient Single Visit Crowns!

Agave Dental offers CEREC 3-D technology to create a strong, tooth-colored porcelain crown or bridge.  These crowns, bridges and veneers can be crafted in our office in as little as 90 minutes to restore your smile in a single visit.

There are several advantages to CEREC, including:

  • Crowns in one visit to save you time.
  • No need to a temporary crown because your CEREC crown is done in a single visit.
  • CEREC crowns look and feel natural

CEREC single visit crowns allow you to receive the treatment you need quickly and affordably. Be sure to ask about 90 minute crowns the next time you’re in for an appointment.

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