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A Powerful Combination, Comprehensive Services And Cutting-Edge Capabilities For Your Healthy, Beautiful Smile!

There are more than 1,300 dentists who are characterized as “general” practitioners in the greater Phoenix, Mesa, and Scottsdale area. As “generalists,” these dentists are skilled at many dental services, ranging from preventative care to diagnosing and treating conditions, injuries, and trauma to the oral cavity (mouth).

We at Agave Dental are proud to be among the ranks of local professionals supporting the health of individuals and their families from throughout our corner of central and southern Arizona.

Comprehensive Care Meets Unique Capabilities

Yes, we provide an array of “general dentistry” services. We emphasize routine exams, screenings, and diagnostic technologies that pinpoint what our dentists cannot see with their eyes alone.

Furthermore, we emphasize proactive services, such as professional cleanings. During these cleanings, our hygienists and dentists also provide tailored guidance on cleaning techniques and oral care products that patients take home with them!

Problems with chewing food can adversely affect nutrition. And inflammation and bacteria associated with conditions like periodontal disease can spread to other body parts, making it difficult to keep existing problems (like diabetes) in check. Such conditions are also risk factors for systemic illnesses, from respiratory distress to hypertension.

With an accurate diagnosis and understanding of the source of your symptoms or condition, we can partner with you on a treatment plan to get you back to looking, feeling, and functioning at your best!

Our services and capabilities include:

  • Digital dentistry, such as low-radiation exposure X-rays Two Doctors with Child Patient
  • Same-day dentistry; computer-guided design and fabrication of dental crowns (made while you wait!)
  • Cosmetic alternatives to braces (Invisalign®)
  • Oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea, snoring, bruxism, and TMJ Disorders
  • Dental implants, the “gold standard” for tooth replacement
  • Periodontal therapies to treat gum disease at every stage
  • Professional preventive services – available only at the dentist’s office
  • Relaxing sedative dentistry to fight dental fear and anxiety
  • And much more

Six-month check-up visits are standard and fundamental to our proactive approach to care. If you smoke, use tobacco products, have challenges with oral hygiene, and other risk factors for conditions like gum disease and oral cancer, we recommend more frequent visits. Patients with active disease can also benefit from therapies such as “Scaling and Root Planing,” a “deep clean” for your gums!

Call the Agave Dental team in Phoenix, AZ, today at (602) 932-1235Be sure to ask about our in-house Smile Savings Plan!