Flouride Treatment

Dr keri with patient

The Many Benefits Of Mighty Fluoride… A Natural, Cavity-Fighting Mineral!

The humble agave is known near and far — in Phoenix, greater south-central Arizona, and beyond — for its healing properties. True to our name, at Agave Dental, we provide services and products designed to protect, heal, and restore the health of the teeth, gums, and mouth.

Led by four talented dentists, our team advises on treatments to supplement the fluoride found in sources such as municipal water and toothpaste. It also naturally occurs in trace amounts in beans, raw fruits, and other foods.

Sink Those Chompers Into Fluoride!

Fluoride is a natural cavity fighter. Our dental team can provide guidance on the best kinds of toothpaste and oral care products that contain this beneficial and safe mineral. Furthermore, as your child grows, we advise on the amount of fluoride-containing toothpaste that should be applied daily to your child’s “right-sized” toothbrush.

Generally, we recommend applying a smear (about the size of a grain of rice) to the toothbrush among infants and toddlers younger than three. For young children older than age 3, you can move up to a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. Until your child’s motor skills and development have evolved to where it is safe for them to brush their teeth on their own, it is essential to help them and monitor brushing behaviors (to prevent accidental or intentional ingestion).

The benefits of fluoride far outweigh any perceived risks. In fact, we recommend professional fluoride supplementation. From the comfort of our office and applied by our trusted dentists, fluoride may be integrated into regular dental check-ups. Our team has access to everything from fluoride mouthwashes and rinses to fluoride varnishes and foams. As a preventative service, fluoride supplements are affordable and often 100% covered by dental insurance plans. Preventive care is also a “covered service” under our affordable in-house savings plans, an alternative to traditional insurance coverage.

Also, the application of additional fluoride is precise, personalized to the patient, gentle and painless, and not invasive (so no numbing anesthetic is needed).

Candidates for fluoride treatment include:

  • Children with developing teeth who could use a little extra “armor” to protect their tooth enamel and underlying, softer tooth structure from harm
  • Adult patients who are at elevated risk of developing cavities and other forms of damage due to progressive tooth decay; risk factors range from oral care challenges to lifestyle factors (tobacco use, poor nutrition, comorbidities such as Type 2 diabetes)
  • Pediatric and adult patients with active decay, as the effects of early-stage enamel erosion, can be halted and even reversed with professional intervention

We can get you on the road to better health or position your children to “ace” their check-ups well into the future with safe, fast, affordable, painless, conservative, and effective fluoride treatment. Call (602) 932-1235 to schedule an appointment at Agave Dental, your “home” for exceptional smile esthetics and wellness.