Tooth Extractions

Dr keri with patient

When Extractions May Be Necessary, We Prioritize Your Comfort And Healing

Generally, at Agave Dental in Phoenix, Arizona, we appreciate that there is no better tooth than the one that develops naturally alongside you. There are some exceptions to this rule. In order to heal and restore or maintain oral health, overall health, and well-being, it may be essential to remove irregular, decayed, and otherwise traumatized teeth.

Tooth extractions at our office, performed capably and safely by one of our four talented dentists, is straightforward and comfortable. With proactive and routine visits to our office, many of these extractions can be avoidable; for instance, irreparable damage to the pulp tissue inside of the tooth may be prevented with good oral care at home and professional care at Agave Dental.

So-called “wisdom teeth” represent one of the aforementioned “exceptions” to the rule of preserving natural teeth whenever possible. These third molars are the last teeth in the mouth to develop during a stage of life when individuals are “gaining wisdom” and transitioning to adulthood. Our smaller mouths, however, often result in the need for their removal. By the time they try to erupt or surface through the gums, these molars no longer have sufficient space or room to stretch their “legs.” They may, in turn, develop at an angle and push up against other teeth. This complication of improper wisdom teeth development is called “impaction.”

Even with seemingly unavoidable situations such as impacted wisdom teeth, we can still avoid the pain, swelling, and other consequences associated with this process. Our dentists emphasize monitoring the development of wisdom teeth and other tissues during regular check-ups. If the writing is on the wall, and these back teeth are not developing as they should, we recommend their removal before pain interrupts your day to day, and before other complications due to impaction arise (for instance, damage to other teeth).

Additionally, the tooth extraction process is characterized mainly as follows:

  • Simple – When a tooth is fairly intact and easy to access above the gum line, we can use special instruments to loosen and lift it from the socket.
  • Complex – Surgical techniques may be necessary to access and remove broken, “hidden,” or inaccessible teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth trapped in the jawbone are candidates for surgical tooth removal procedures.

Regardless of the technique used, patients won’t feel anything! We use precise, localized anesthetic to aid in managing discomfort. We can also discuss methods to help to keep you relaxed during treatment. Whatever the case, we encourage you to contact us well before any changes to your mouth arise. In many cases, we can catch problems before they damage your teeth. In turn, you can keep all your natural teeth essential to your healthy function and facial appearance. Call (602) 932-1235 without delay to schedule your visit at the Phoenix, AZ office of Agave Dental.