Smile Gallery

Dr keri with patient

Smile Gallery

At Agave Dental, we offer beautiful smile transformations. See for yourself the results we have achieved on real Agave Dental patients.

Billy before photoBilly after photo

Bill – Smile Makeover

Many years earlier Bill was in an accident that injured his jaw. This trauma resulted in uneven wear on his teeth. With Dr. Hamann’s treatment, including jaw joint analysis and full mouth reconstruction, Bill’s teeth were restored for a more even and attractive smile. This has corrected the wear on his teeth, and improved function of his jaw as well.

Joy before photoJoy after photo

Joy – Smile Makeover

Joy’s teeth had yellowed and stained enamel, and had worn down with age. New white porcelain crowns gave her a more youthful smile. Dr. Hamann’s treatment restored Joy’s jaw function and smile aesthetics. Joy’s treatment also included whitening and a specialized laser procedure to adjust the height of her gums.

Miriam before photoMiriam after photo

Miriam – Smile Makeover

Miriam was ready for a smile makeover. Dr. Hamann revitalized Miriam’s smile using new porcelain crowns and a specialized whitening treatment

Santilli before photoSantilli after photo

Helen – Smile Makeover

Dr. Beth Hamann and her team utilized Invisalign to straighten Helen’s overjetting front teeth. There was a significant gap between her front top and bottom teeth, which made her upper lip and front teeth protrude. Helen was known for her quirky smile, because she did not want to show her teeth. She used a ten month Invisalign program to reposition them for a more attractive smile.Today, Helen is more confident about her smile as well as the first impressions she leaves with others, especially now that she is in law school. Invisalign has improved Helen’s life.

Carol before photoCarol after photo

Carol – Smile Makeover

Carol wanted a whiter and brighter smile. Her teeth were worn-down and yellow with age. With Dr. Hamann’s whitening treatment and new veneers, Carol’s smile was rejuvenated and made her look younger.

Reynoso before photoReynoso after photo

Mike – Smile Makeover

Mike had worn, chipped teeth that resulted from age, and wear and tear. Dr. Hamann’s treatment, including porcelain veneers made Mike’s smile brighter and more youthful.

Susan before photoSusan after photo

Susan – Smile Makeover

Susan had stained, broken, and worn crowns that had aged over time. With Dr. Beth Hamann’s dental treatment, her smile was rejuvenated. Susan’s teeth are whiter and brighter. Her smile is more youthful and she is more confident with her new pearly whites.

Billy before photoBilly after photo

Billy – Smile Makeover

Dr. Hamann used Invisalign to reposition Billy’s teeth prior to placing porcelain veneers.

Rose before photoRose after photo

Rose – Smile Makeover

Rose had old worn out crowns and was ready for a new brighter smile.

Joe before photoJoe after photo

Joe – Smile Makeover

Joe had badly worn down his teeth. He was ready for a new smile!

Nicole before photoNicole after photo

Nicole – Smile Makeover

In Nicole’s case, dental implants were the preferred choice for tooth replacement. Using his expertise in the area of implants, Dr. Call was able to restore Nicole’s smile. She is thrilled with her beautiful new smile!