Sedation Dentistry

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Sedation Dentistry In Phoenix, AZ

Dental anxiety is a common condition. It’s estimated that up to 20% of Americans avoid the dentist because of these fears, so if you’re among this number, you are not alone.

For people who have fear or anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist, sedation dentistry can make it possible to get the care your need free from stress and worry.

One of the features of sedation dentistry that our patients here at Agave Dental appreciate is the fact that you are able to remain awake, alert, and able to ask questions throughout the entire procedure despite being in such a relaxed state that pain and other uncomfortable sensations are not felt. We’ve found that this makes the procedure go by faster since you are able to follow our instructions and can simply relax.

Nitrous Oxide (“Laughing Gas”)

Nitrous oxide, often referred to as “laughing gas,” is a gas that is breathed in through your nose while we care for your teeth. The gas relaxes you and can even produce a mild euphoric sensation. It’s very safe with only a few side effects in some people.

We like nitrous oxide because it’s simple to adjust the dose perfectly to meet each patient’s unique needs. Additionally, the effects wear off very quickly, which means that if you are only using nitrous oxide for your sedation, you will be able to take yourself to and from your appointment and continue on with your day following your treatment.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation provides a deeper level of sedation for additional relaxation. As with nitrous oxide, you will remain alert throughout your appointment (although some patients do become so comfortable and relaxed that they drift off!). You will also be unlikely to remember many details from your procedure, easing your anxiety around future visits.

If you opt for oral sedation, you will need a friend or relative to drive you to and from the appointment since the effects linger for a longer time than they do with nitrous oxide.

IV Sedation Dentistry

For our patients who need a little extra help, we are proud to offer IV sedation dentistry. Dr. Hamann will work with you to make sure that you have a comfortable, pain-free experience at every single dental appointment. IV sedation can give you the confidence you need to get the dental care you deserve.

Our dentists and the rest of our staff here at Agave Dental are friendly and gentle. We are always open to questions and happy to discuss your care with you. We think you’ll find that we are excellent listeners, and we genuinely care about your concerns. While TV shows and movies may often portray dentists as cruel, nothing could be further from the truth.

Call our office today to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs with our Phoenix, AZ dentists. We look forward to helping you and showing you the new way we practice dentistry.