Same Day Crowns

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Get To Know The Unsurpassed Convenience, Comfort, And Quality Of Same-Day Dental Crowns

Agave Dental has cultivated a loyal following among individuals and their families throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arcadia, Paradise Valley, and greater south-central Arizona. Our patients appreciate that we strike a balance; we blend timeless qualities of a kind, non-judgmental, genuine, unhurried, and personalized care with advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technologies and modern dentistry techniques and amenities.

With considerable training on the latest clinically proven effective and safe technologies and systems, our team is equipped to provide the most comfortable, convenient, hassle- and stress-free experience possible.

Same Day Crowns

Dental crowns are a common type of restorative dentistry treatment. They may be designed, fabricated, and placed to restore the structure, health, and aesthetics of a broken, decayed, injured, or irregularly-shaped tooth. The crown fits on top of the natural tooth. Traditionally, the process of getting a crown requires at least two visits. The first visit involves preparing the natural tooth and removing any damaged tissues. Impressions or models of the tooth and other information about it are also gathered. This information is sent to an outside lab, which makes the crown. A delicate temporary is worn while the permanent crown is being made, and it is applied to protect the prepared tooth as it heals.

The second visit involves removing the temporary. The permanent is then applied over the tooth. Only if it looks and fits well do we cement the crown to the tooth. If the crown doesn’t look or feel right, it may need to be re-made by the lab. Usually, it takes around two weeks for crowns to be fabricated by outside labs.

Same-day crowns are worlds apart. At Agave Dental, we have invested in computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing software and equipment. Our dentists use CAD-CAM to plan, design, fabricate, and ultimately place and secure your new dental crown. Since we handle the crown process in-house, these restorations are made with just one visit. It takes minutes for us to craft the crown from a block of high-performance dental ceramics (porcelain). Patients can’t believe how simple and fast it can be to make over their damaged and unsightly teeth!

In all, dental crowns made on the “same day” are:

  • Fast, just kick back and wait for a few minutes as the onsite milling machine does its work
  • Reliable, due to the use of exceptional software, we have eliminated the human error associated with conventional impression-taking measures
  • Comfortable, every aspect of the process is painless, gentle, and not invasive, including the use of sophisticated scanning techniques rather than gag-inducing bitewings to make your impressions
  • Durable and aesthetic, as we use the highest quality porcelain to shape your crowns
  • Hassle-free, because we save you the return trips, and you don’t have to contend with a fragile temporary (or the wait!)

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