Restorative Dentistry

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What Restorative Dentistry?

Transforming Smiles With High-Quality Dental Restorations, Tooth Replacement

The dentists at Agave Dental have considerable knowledge, experience, onsite capabilities, and tools to restore teeth to their natural beauty and strength. Due to our team’s investments in both training (staff) and technologies, we provide an array of advanced restorative dentistry services that allow all smiles in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arcadia, Paradise Valley, and greater south-central Arizona.

Preserve Your Teeth

The “best” teeth are those natural ones that developed with you; however, our dentists and team understand that new health challenges can arise over time. Thanks to our use of cutting-edge diagnostics and precision services, we can “save” even those teeth that have sustained deep internal damage.

Root canal therapy is primarily considered a last-ditch effort to preserve a deeply inflamed or infected tooth. This painless and routine procedure is largely followed by placing a lovely and durable dental crown. The dental crown protects the treated tooth and restores its aesthetics and strength.

Of course, crowns are just one of many different types of dental restorations available at Agave Dental. Less extensive needs or more modest damage may be resolved with tooth-like composite dental fillings. More extensive cavities can still be conservatively restored with dental inlays. Partial crowns (onlays) bridge the gap between inlays and full dental crowns. They remain a more modest option than full crowns for patients whose teeth require more “build-up” and coverage than what dental fillings or inlays offer. Essentially, the less of the natural tooth that is present and preserved, the more dental material must be introduced to build up the tooth’s structure and strengthen a weak tooth.

Fill Gaps In Your Smile

Other restorative or rehabilitative options may be appropriate for those patients whose teeth are not good candidates for root canal therapy or other endodontic procedures. Additionally, while rare, not all teeth treated with root canal therapy heal fully. Also, RCT-treated teeth can be reinfected over time due to poor, long-term oral hygiene and worn crowns.

In the event of these and other situations, our dentists may recommend the removal of teeth followed by prompt replacement with today’s array of natural-looking and durable prosthetics. At Agave Dental, you can choose from attractive permanent dental bridges to superior-fit “partials” and full dentures, as well as “modern” tooth replacement with dental implants. The choice is yours! We can even help to get you closer to your goal smile with our affordable in-house smile savings plans.

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