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Keep Decay-Prone Back Teeth Strong And Healthy With Easy, Affordable, And Fast Dental Sealants Services

Dental (tooth) decay is the No. 1 chronic condition among children in Arizona. The Department of Health Services reports that six out of every ten kids in our state have tooth decay. In fact, three out of every ten kids need urgent care for untreated dental conditions.

Moreover, it is not lost on your “oral health home” in Phoenix, Agave Dental, that dental sealants are a considerable priority for the state and should be for almost everyone. In the health services department’s Healthy Smiles Healthy Bodies survey, it was further reported that only four out of 10 Arizonian children have this affordable, vital, painless, convenient (yet underutilized) preventative service.

The Ease And Effectiveness Of Dental Sealants

Cavities or holes in the teeth are a form of damage that arises due to progressive dental decay. It’s estimated that 90% of all cavities develop in the chewing surfaces of the back permanent teeth (the premolars and molars).

Dental sealants are designed to protect those back teeth, which are more vulnerable to the effects of decay than those flat, smooth, visible teeth in the smile.

Why Back Teeth?

The surfaces of the molars and premolars contain pits and fissures. The pits are the hollowed areas on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. The fissured areas refer to the deep grooves surrounding the teeth’ surface. The anatomical features aid in proper, efficient chewing function and digestion by supporting the grinding down and mashing of even sinewy and hard foods; however, they also make your teeth more susceptible to damage.

Food particles can become trapped in these nooks and crannies. Lingering food particles promote the development of destructive dental plaque. Plaque both erodes the teeth and releases toxins that inflame and irritate the supportive gummy tissues or attachments. Furthermore, it can be a challenge to properly clean these teeth because of their locations at the back of the mouth. They may be particularly hard for children or adults with small mouths to reach. In addition to recommending dental sealants as an effective, preventative service, we can also provide guidance on products to use at home to clean your teeth better. Some adults may benefit from child-sized brushes or brush heads. Some children may also benefit from “standard” dental floss alternatives, such as interdental brushes and picks.

The Process

As its name suggests, sealants “seal out” all nasty substances that can become trapped in pitted, fissured back teeth. Our dentists adeptly place the seal as a safe liquid to back teeth that have been cleaned, dried, and conditioned. We ensure that the liquid oozes properly into the pits and grooves. Then, we harden or “bond” and “fix” the seal to the natural tooth structure. We will continue to check the condition of your treated teeth during routine check-ups.

Sealants may be appropriate as soon as the first molars are visible, starting at around the age of 6. Adults, too, can benefit from this service, especially as their health and risk factors for cavities may evolve over time.

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