All On 4 Implants

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Missing Or Failing Teeth? Get To Know The Transformative Power Of Conservative All-On-4® Implant Dentures

It’s estimated that anywhere from one-third to one-half of each tooth is not visible. These invisible structural supports and tissues help to nourish the developing tooth and stabilize the noticeable parts of the teeth, which are visible above the gum line (the crown). With healthy and unaltered natural teeth, these “hidden” supports include the tooth roots. Each tooth has its own system of roots and root canals that further contain connective tissue, nerves, and blood vessels (the dental pulp).

With All-on-4® implants at Agave Dental in Phoenix, Arizona, you get all of the benefits of natural teeth without the hassle. Prosthetic teeth supported by dental implants are the only tooth replacement option designed to replicate the structure of natural teeth. Other conventional forms of tooth replacement (like bridges and dentures) only duplicate the visible part of the tooth, the white crown that meets the pink gums. Implant-based systems involve applying a prosthetic tooth (crown, bridge, or “overdenture”), which is supported or retained in the jawbone by implants. So, the implant itself functions like a tooth root.

However, All-on-4® systems do not require the one-for-one placement of each implant for each prosthetic tooth. Unlike natural teeth, you do not need to have each prosthetic tooth connected to and stabilized by an implant (artificial tooth root). Rather, the “magic” of this process comes down to the positioning of each implant in the jaw. In fact, as few as four implants may be used to support or retain as many as 16 teeth in the dental arch. The total number of implants and teeth depends on several factors that are unique to you and your situation. During your consultation, one of our four dentists will discuss your needs and what to expect from treatment. All “overdentures” wearers who can benefit from this system should generally expect the following:

  • Advanced diagnostics and know-how will be applied to position the implants in such a way as to make the most of available bone and to support a maximum number of prosthetic teeth
  • Since implants are made from a biocompatible material designed to integrate into surrounding bone, as the implants heal in the jaw, they will connect to the bony tissue and provide a solid foundation for your dentures
  • Once the implants have healed, the “overdenture” is placed and secured to these artificial tooth roots by way of specialized attachments or clasps

Your smile is transformed! By replicating the natural design of the teeth, patients benefit from a natural appearance and function. They also benefit from conservative techniques, which minimize trauma, healing time, and the costs associated with treatment. To find out more about All-on-4®, call us! Agave Dental of Phoenix, AZ, can be reached at (602) 932-1235 today.